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These intimate gatherings, held at the Revival Flagship, will feature experts on all topics that pertain to overall wellness! We invite you to join us to gain knowledge, expand your mind and gather with a group of like-minded individuals that are looking to grow on their wellness journey. 

Join us on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, from 7:30-9:00 pm, as we host Dr. Melissa Manilla and Dr. Sara Perry, Inspired Chiropractic + Wellness. 

Dr. Melissa Manilla focuses on finding the root cause of your illness through the beautiful synergy of chiropractic, functional medicine, and acupuncture. She holds a doctorate of Chiropractic, Acupuncture certification, and a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Dr. Melissa focuses on achieving not adequate but optimal health in all patients through analyzing every aspect of a person-from internal to external; to emotional, physical and chemical. She strives to help every patient achieve the most healthy state that serves them and their higher good. She focuses on gut health, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease adrenal fatigue, chronic pain, and chronic illness prevention. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, some self-love of meditation/journaling, and spending time with her husband and rescue labradoodle. 
Dr. Sara Perry first became amazed by the human body and all its capabilities and expressions when she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. She traveled to several venues across the country and internationally in Italy to study dance, as well as performed with several professional companies based in Ohio and Missouri. She developed her passion for chiropractic during her time as a professional dancer when she realized the value of proper function and efficient movement in her performance. She then went on to earn her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Logan University. She has worked with many dancers to develop rehabilitation programs unique to their needs, as well as worked with a variety of professional and semi-professional athletes based in St. Louis. She feels that chiropractic is a necessity for optimal wellness throughout the body, as moving efficiently is key to leading a pain-free, enjoyable life. She uses a variety of high and low force adjustments and intuitive soft tissue techniques, including Active Release Technique (ART) to correct misalignments and improve function, and to encourage the body to heal itself through the power of the nervous system. After being in practice for several years, Dr. Perry felt there was even more to healing and dreamed of creating a wellness center. She studied in Functional Medicine at FMU, dove into mindset and somatic healing therapies, and started to add experts to her team to build a truly patient-centered practice. Her dream continues to build as Inspired rapidly expands and adds value to the greater Cleveland Community. Dr. Perry has a passion for helping people who are experiencing pain, anxiety, and ailments that go undiagnosed in the traditional medical setting. She knows there are answers when you provide individualized care and recognize healing as the body's birthright.  She and her incredible team are excited to work with patients to empower them to live their best lives.


The focus of this WELLNESS WEDNESDAY will be ACUPUNCTURE AND CHIROPRACTIC CARE. We will learn about the benefits of these Dr. Manilla and Dr. Perry will be offering hands-on demo opportunities for a personal chiropractic experience.

During our time together, you will enjoy complimentary refreshments and bites, along with a goody bag to take home. All attendees will also receive a VIP discount on all Revival Body Care products on the day of the event.